Blog Writing: Here at Tangent, we know you have a lot to say, but you don’t have the time to make it happen. Leave it up to the professionals. Let us be the ones to write your content on a regular basis to get your product up and running.

Editing: Have a website already going? Let Tangent utilize the services to see what can be tweaked and updated to be the perfection that you deserve.

Public Speaking: Have a conference coming up and need a speaker? Let Tangent be that connection. Speciality topics include; public speaking, organization, motivation, teamwork, recruiting, social media, millennial, human resources, study habits, advancement, idea generation and non-profit organizations.

Personalized Cards: Have something you want personalized for someone? Let Tangent ask you a few questions, then write the perfect note to that college, friend or relative for you.

Administrative Education: Have an administrative assistant that could use some additional training? Someone who could utilize a monthly pick me up? Contact Tangent to get one on one attention designed for your admin.