Leadership Week: Codi Hanson


12033707_10156053995625263_99818008_nThis week on the Tangent Blog we are discussing leaders and how they impact their surroundings. One of the greatest kind of leaders, are ones who lead by example. They live their life and fulfill their daily duties without expecting to be a leader or shown as a leader.

Today’s leader is Codi Hanson from Watertown, South Dakota. Codi is a mother to two children and wife to Justin. Both work at Premier Bankcard in town. Codi has worked there for 15 years, spending the last 6 years in her current position. She has become a leader in her organization, community and church.

When Codi isn’t taking her children to activities, she is volunteering at her church and in the community as well as helping her husband’s band Our Therapy.

Her words of wisdom on how she keeps going, “smile and be positive! It’s infectious!!  And it never hurts to sprinkle in some humor.”

Codi sees a leader being someone who is, “trustworthy, responsible, respectful, and dependable. Someone who steps up without being asked.”
Her definition of leadership is exactly who she is as a human being. She is there whenever she is needed, has great advice for others and wants truly the best for everyone. Success and leadership doesn’t come easy. Codi has learned, sometimes you have to be at the right place at the right time.

“Sometimes I feel so passionate about something that I don’t speak my mind at an appropriate time or place.  I have matured definitely in that aspect.”

When looking at leaders, we forget that they have struggled to get where they are as well. Things don’t come easily or get handed to everyone. They have had the same struggles and tribulations the rest of us do, in some cases, even more. One thing that makes them amazing is how they handle it and how they recover from their situations. Definitely people to learn from.

Hear why Codi believes she’s successful, “I feel successful because I’m a wife, mother of two and I hold a full time job. My children are in after school activities.  As a family we enjoy volunteering in our community.  My family is also very active in our church.  I feel my husband and I have been good examples for our children on how to lead a well rounded life.”

Her friends, family and colleagues couldn’t agree more.



*** Codi, thank you for sharing your story. Your information will help and inspire others!***


Raised by Best Friends

IMG_6355Your parents spend 18 years raising you. Readying you for the rest of the world. They discipline, teach hard life lessons and are your biggest fan. But what happens when you turn 18? You move out the house, start working or go to college. Who raises you then?

That is where your best friends step in. Your friends raise you. Some do an amazing job, some struggle keeping other friends healthy and alive. It’s a big role to fill, and not one we openly recognize. No one thinks when they are 5 years old, “I can’t wait to keep track of Kristin when she turns 21!” No one wants that task. I don’t even want the task of being an adult, let alone having to be in charge of someone else. It’s scary! But it happens. It’s part of nature.

Your best friends are like your parents, your biggest supporter. However, they also share with you exactly how they feel, if they are true friends. Sometimes it hurts when they say it, but you know at the end of the day they have your best interest at heart.

As I think back, it took a lot of friends to raise me. A village if you will. Some, I have been friends with for over 20 years. They still teach me life lessons, hold me accountable and make me want to be a better.

You can’t choose your parents, but you do get to choose your best friends. Here are 10 ways to know if you have a true best friend.

10. They take off your rose colored glasses.

9. They are there the second anything bad happens, to pick you up off the floor, kick whoever’s ass that hurt you, and get you back to the old you.

8. They know your drinking limit. They get prepared.

7. They motivate you and make you want to be a better human.

6. They know you have some crazy and they let it happen.

5. Regardless of when you last talked to them, you picked up right where you left off.

4. Their couch is always open.

3. They know you, they know when you are being fake and they call you on it.

2. Your significant other also dates all of them. If they don’t like them, you don’t like them.

1. They call you on your BS.

My parents did an amazing job raising me. They instilled so many great qualities, some I have taken for granted. A majority of the credit goes to them and their DNA. However, I am blessed to have some amazing best friends who have continued to raise me after I moved out.

It takes a village to raise a human.

It takes a best friend to make that life worth it. 

Organized Success

Organization is the key to success in life.

But is it? Some of the worlds greatest leaders were unorganized. Look at Einstein, his office was all sorts of messy.


I don’t know if I agree that it makes you successful, however, it does make you feel amazing once you do it.
Here is my life currently:

Ya, It is messy. But it is all things I use every single day. All of it. Every day.

So, I decided to buy this handy dandy organizer from Amazon for $12. My excitement level for it arriving was embarrassing.

Along with organizing everything, you end up throwing out a lot of things you not longer need or want, and also put things in the right place.

End result?

A feeling of accomplishment! Yes, it feels good to have my bathroom cleaned. Yes, I like having it organized.

Now to see if it causes success!


Wasted Year

IMG_2452I’m a Gemini. I have a million ideas. Not all of them great, however some have snuck in there and have been amazing.

I once held a garage sale without my mom’s knowledge and sold everything for $.25. One time I took string from my light switch all the way to my bed in order to turn it on and off. I couldn’t afford the clapper.

Truly, I was just scared of the dark. The 3 foot leap from the door to my bed in the dark, was just too risky. 

Those dreams all had one thing in common, follow through. I went out there and I made it happen.

I have had entrepreneur blood in me since the day I was born. I was put on this earth to do something great, something that is great to me, and something I feel will leave a legacy.
What I haven’t been great at is making it happen. I have had the, “Sit there and let it happen” attitude, and nothing has come from it.

My husband has not knocked on my door. Though there were several opportunities Tasty Pizza!

My credit card companies didn’t call me and lower their monthly payment.
The boxes, from when I moved in a year and a half ago, haven’t been cleaned out and put away.

No one has asked me to be a CEO of their company.

So I got to thinking. All great things that have happened in my life were when I stepped up and I made it happen. Some call it bossy, I call it taking charge of ones’ life.

How do you run a college newspaper? Nominate yourself.

How do you become President of MN ACE group? Nominate yourself.

How do you go on dates? Swipe right yourself.

Great things don’t show up to your house and let themselves in. I have known this my whole life, but I got to a point where I was tired of fighting for it. I took a year off.

I wasted a whole year. I did nothing. I searched for nothing, didn’t drive to do something better or commit myself to getting out there. I sat on a chair and watched Netflix. Some amazing Netflix that is. Have you ever watched GLEE? Life changing. But I digress. 

When I turned 30, I vowed to live my life with new zest. That lasted 365 days.

Now that I have wasted 365 days. It’s time to get back on the wagon. It’s not about how many times you fall off, but if you can keep running beside the moving wagon long enough to jump back on and enjoy the ride.

I’m taking back control. Watch out world.


Begin Again

One second, leads to a minute, leads to an hour, leads to a day. One second decision can make such an impact on the future and yet it is such a minuscule amount of time. How can something so little make such a large impact.

Life is about building on these moments, blogging is about journaling them and you, are there to learn from them, or laugh at them, depends.

Writers block has struck me for the last few months. I think it is also paired with frustration of knowing what I want to do or where I want to go. So I took a few months off to figure things out. Find out where life will lead me. I think I have finally found my leverage to start getting back into the swing of things.

In this second, I choose to jump in with both feet.

In this second, I get back to writing.

In this second, I will be great.

Drives Me Sane!

IMG_1288.JPGRush Hour – Yes Please!

No one in their right mind likes rush hour.

Having to sit in traffic twice as long as there should be.

Dealing with drivers who suddenly don’t know which route they want to take to work.

Inattentive drivers on their cell phone, putting on makeup or reading a book.

I get it, I totally understand. But I apparently am not in my right mind, because I…wait for it…love it!

I have found a fairly good renting option, which allows me to save on several expenses. This allows a little fluff in my budget. This is one reason I am okay with this long commute. However, I am also okay with the down time. If I leave at the right time of day, it takes me about 35 minutes to get to work. If I miss that time frame, it can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Sometimes one raindrop shuts down the whole commute for a solid two hours, minimum. Note that this is not the direction this blog is going. I am sticking to that 30 minute enjoyable time frame.

I love the 30 minute drive before I get home each night. I love being able to break down my day, recap and make a plan for the next day. For the opposite, going into work, I like using that time to prepare and get my ducks in a row before the day starts.

I’m going to be honest, most days I spend the morning making amazing plans, figuring out my hopes and dreams for the future. I then spend my drive home, figuring out how I can get out of it or postpone it to the next day, because sometimes TV and bed sounds amazing!

However, there are those days where a good de-brief at the end of the day, to me, is essential.

How many of you have a bad day, drive five to ten minutes home, and nothing goes your way when you get home? Your kids are loud, your significant other didn’t do their part of the house chores, your supper isn’t started. And it DRIVES you up a wall? I have that moment, just like everyone else.

Usually mine involves dealing with my dog who had been watching Judge Judy all day and now has an attitude. BUT, the drive home, allows me to approach his attitude with a calm voice. We get on the same page and hang out.

It’s not something you will love the first few times you do it, it gets frustrating. It’s about longevity and it becoming a routine. I always encourage dance parties.

Happy driving!

Thanks for the Nomination!

Thank you Bethany for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award!

To quote Bethany’s quote from her Run to Race: “This award is another friendly way of getting to know your fellow bloggers whilst helping to give your blog supportive and mainstream exposure, and of course some recognition for all of your hard work!”

The recipient’s participation is to then disclose 7 things about themselves.

  1. I’m addicted to my iPhone.
  2. I can recite every word from several Disney movies.
  3. I used to be a reporter.
  4. I hate when people are quiet. I can’t handle it.
  5. I love making people feel included and part of a team.
  6. I have no hobbies.
  7. I know I can do everything, until I try to do it and realize maybe I can’t.

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and shares their comments! This is a great journey!



There are certain things you do because your family says so. I.e.; take out the garbage, do the dishes and … buy a dog. I am a very strong independent person, but when 5 people in my family say, “hey we think you should get a dog.” You consider it.

It’s not until its Christmas and they picked out a dog for you AND you are on the way to the animal shelter do you realize, oh my gosh, I’m about to get a dog.

Getting a dog isn’t like little pet hamsters when you were little. My sister Jessie was notorious for killing every pet within days of receiving it. Hamsters and especially fish did not live long in our house. You have to live with your dog for as long as it lives. So many years. I’ve had two dogs in my lifetime, one named Patch (Patcharooni) and one named Buddy Fritz Jr. Marthaler. Little dogs have always been part of my world. It wasn’t until my family said I should get one did I realize I had been missing out.

Turns out getting a dog on Christmas was the best choice I ever made.

Lesson’s I’ve learned owning my own dog:

  1. Dad won’t take it out for you.
  2. You DO have to feed it twice a day.
  3. If you don’t let it outside, it will find somewhere inside to go the bathroom.
  4. It makes you think of more things than yourself.
  5. Constant companion.

I have learned several more lessons, but for the sake of this blog I will keep it short. Now let me share with you why my dog, Sammy (Samalama, Sammy Sosa, SAMMY!, Sam, Samalamadingdong, SamSam, dude!) is the coolest dog there is.

  1. He learns tricks when his owner and friends have been drinking, AND remembers them the next day.
  2. He’s a dick. He runs the show and he chooses who his friends are. Sometimes he is your friend and sometimes he is not. He will let you know.
  3. He has the biggest heart when I’m feeling sad, he will crawl on my lap and nuzzle up close.
  4. He likes to drink. Preference is screwdrivers.
  5. He has an amazing ability to hide every toy in the house. Not usually under the couch. All over.
  6. A gnat can toot down the hall and he will hear it and start barking uncontrollably.
  7. He’s a really good nap-er.
  8. He is deathly afraid of anything that moves around him or touches him without his knowledge.
  9. He knows the second he is in trouble and punishes himself.
  10. He is amazing at hide and go seek.

So, if you are single, and contemplating having a dog. Do it. (Only if you will truly take care of it). It is a long term commitment. You do have to plan taking them out in your schedule. But they are so happy to see you when you get home, they love cuddling and they are your biggest fan. They are also great listeners with whatever you want to talk to them about.

Listening to my family about getting a dog was one of the best decisions I have made.


Love KJM