The power of judgement

A mother pushes her child in a shopping cart, while looking at food for meal prep. Meanwhile a toddler is putting items in her cart without her knowing. As I walk by the cart I think to myself, “Can’t she leave them at home? Why do mom’s always take their kids, I’m sure the dad is home?”

Don’t act like a horrible judgmental thought has never once crossed your mind. Because it does, and it scares you.

The longer you look the more you think about how she could only get out of the house during this time because it’s her break from work, her husband has a disability from serving our country and she is the sole provider, or she has a great life and this is just part of her daily duties.

Why do our minds immediately judge? Why do we think the immediate opposite of what the position describes.

For example, why wasn’t my first thought, “What a lucky mom to have two beautiful children!”

I know I am not alone in thinking this, and I am not alone in thinking this should change. What is it that America subliminally teaches us that forces our thoughts to go in such a negative direction? For those of us who are sarcastic, sometimes we are able to say those thoughts out loud and people think it is funny.

Never makes it okay.

What is something you have rushed to judgement on but has completely turned out differently?


Copyright by Kristin Marthaler ©

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