They Did What?


When did interviewing become a first date?

The dreaded no-show interview; MAKES ME WANT TO PULL MY HAIR OUT!

These people are begging for a job, applying numerous places; I know because they leave their resume titled wrong, and yet still manage to no show the interview.

I’ve been stood up at work just as much as I have in my personal life. What is this world coming to? Work interviews used to be a guarantee.

Doing some research I have found the following articles that help me understand why it’s happening, and how to solve it. I hope you can end your frustration like I did!

How to prevent No-Shows:

Should you remind candidates:

What has been your experience? How do you handle it?

Help wanted

Lately I’ve been helping out recruiting department hire amazing employees. Recruiting is always on my mind, but not always my focus, until lately. 

Today as I was making visits I saw this:

If you can’t read the sign, all it says is “now hiring” in black marker. 

What does your hiring department look like? What does your hiring message say to potential employees? 

This sign doesn’t scream out to me. Doesn’t give me a warm friendly feeling. It looks like someone walked out on a shift and the manager in a haste threw it up there quick. 

Take a step back – reassess. Does your hiring department match your brand? That’s your greatest marketing opportunity you have. Make it count!