To be

It’s 45 minutes past the end of my shift. Questions keep coming from staff and my brain is on overload. I try to respond, I try to be enthusiastic, I try to be. 
I go into the back break room and find three loads of laundry just sitting there. 
Looking back I’m shocked on my immediate response I thought to myself. “Wow, my team has worked hard today!” 
This for me is growth. Five yeas ago I would have thought, “wow, am I the only one that works around here!?”
Now I see; dozens of facial and massages that have been completed. Towels and blankets washed by the hands of breadwinners of their family. Items placed in a blasket while they plan their children’s supper for the evening. 
You see this pile of towels represent teamwork, passion and tenacity. I’m in awe of how hard my team truly works to make others feel healthy, pain free and back to their old selves. 
After that, I simply folded the towels, put them back into their place and humbly went home. As I drove a thought crossed my mind, “I wish I had my teams drive, passion and tenacity.” 
They look to me for answers, guidance and stregnth. Little do they know, I get it from them. 

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