Ocean of Change


The cold salty ocean current takes me out, my knees scrape the shell covered bottom, sand goes in my nose and my suit is not where it’s supposed to be. On top of all my sunglasses have been washed away.
An ocean has a way of knocking you out when you least expect it. Months later I finally connected the experience to change in the work place. It can hit you out of no where. Whether you are ready or not, it’s about how you respond.

For me, I tried to go in the ocean one more time that day. The result was the exact same. The reason; I approached it the exact same.
The third time I went in the ocean, I knew where my safe level was at. Once I could conquer that, I was able to move further and further into the ocean. I figured out the current, I was able to assess my surroundings the ocean no longer knocked me out.

When a company makes changes within, all to often they come at employees like a tidal wave. The response of those hit are confusion, desperation and survival mode. The change is then met with resistance, concern and doubt.

For me, when going through change, it’s a challenge, that I happily accept. You can knock me down, but I will continue to get back up and figure out how to make things work. If I am failing, I will do what I can to turn everything around so it is winning. A lot of my job during change is making sure those around me are okay with the change. To ensure they know that regardless of what happens, I am here for them and have their back. That is one thing they can hold onto during the change.

The other, while some frown upon it, is sharing my opinion of how I perceive things are going. If I don’t think the change is good, I acknowledge it. If it is going well, I give kudos to those involved. Not all change is good change, however, things are changing because something isn’t working. Feedback is important to allow those working on the change to focus on the right direction.

My question to you is how can a company stop this occurrence from happening? How can they prepare employees for change? They can’t tell employees someone is about to be fired and a replacement will soon fill the spot.

How does your company approach this change?

Copy-write Kristin Marthaler 2016

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