Are you Ethical?

Business Ethics 003

Business Ethics 003

If you have been watching the news, you have read or heard about Wells Fargo firing 5,300 people. This is the question in the interview, everyone asks, and it has been answered.

“If you see something happening at work and it is unethical, what do you do?” Apparently 5,300 people went along with it. Others who didn’t were fired or demoted for not hitting goals.

Would you stick to your morals in this situation? If you were going to be cost your job, would you do whatever it took to succeed?

This article isn’t written to point fingers or blame the 5,300 that got fired, it is merely a review of how do you truly answer questions during the interview. 5,300 lied to the face of their employers when answering that question.
How do you know what you hear in an interview is the truth? Is it about answering the questions politically correct, or is it about being yourself and answering from the heart.

What do you look for as an employer?

Wells Fargo article: