This onion did more for me today than feed my hunger, it fed my soul.

At first glance, the onion is dirty. It is losing layers and doesn’t look very appealing. Upon pulling back the layers, pure onion begins to show on one side. On the other side, dirt clung to the inner layers of the onion.

Peeling one more layer, there was still dirt. I ended up having to cut a portion of the onion off.



This made me think of all the pain and hurt that is being said and shared in the world right now.

We all can shed some of the hate sent our way, but after a while, the words begin to sink deeper and deeper inside us, forever burrowing in the lines of time. Thus making it harder to rid of the negative talk. After a while, one can no longer brush it off. It has affects on people that no one ever truly knows. It begins to take a toll, someone begins to seek an outlet.

Take a moment, and think of what you have told people today, was any of it negative? Is someone shedding layers of hatred you spewed? Layers can only peel for so long.
Think before you speak.



                  “Be kind to one another,” Ellen.

Attitude is Everything

Attitude at the office can make or break any environment. When I first became a manager, I made rules and no one was to break them.

“You walked in 5 minutes late? You are done, I don’t need you on my team.” That was my mentality. No one was allowed to make mistakes.

Boy have I learned a lot.

I still have 40+ years of learning to do. I am slowly finding the line between making work enjoyable, having fun and setting ground rules for others to follow. I had a great pep talk from the vice president of marketing at my previous job. “Set your non-negotiables. Once you have those laid out, let the other things go and have fun. Don’t let them walk all over you.”

My non-negotiables that everyone I work with knows:
Show up to work on time.
Enjoy your time here.
Be here, be in the moment, be part of the success.

The rest we can work with. Dogs get sick, children need their parents and things happen. At the end of the day, I am in your same shoes and those things will come up for me as well. I understand it and I get it.

In my transition, I had inadvertently gone from military style, to being walked all over.

This new position is the great opportunity to bring both into play. Everyone needs guidelines, toddlers, high schoolers and employees. Once those are set, be more lax on the day to day habits. If they are 5 minutes late, let that be their thing. As long as they are staying to make up the time and going above and beyond at work. If they are five minutes late, and don’t contribute at work, that is a whole other issue.

Life is too short not to fully believe in what you are doing for work, and also enjoy the 8-15 hours you are at work. You are there more than you are home, so make sure it’s an environment everyone wants to be part of.

In the last few years, I have really focused on how to perfect this environment, taken tests, identified personalities. Finally a co-worker just said to me, “Just do it. You know what to do, do it.”

A person can only read, test, study, or practice for so long. There is a point where you have to actually go out there and do it. Make it happen. Put into action the words, ideas and thoughts swirling around your head.

Wish me luck!

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