Sales 101

There is sales, and then there is being in a retail environment with sales.

Here is a list of top ten things I have learned over the past three months in my new position, while also comparing it to former positions. Some are always true, and some are the new truths.

10. You still have to make tough decisions, have customer service and get a result, but this time, you have to do it in 3 minutes, not an hour.

9. People don’t know what they don’t know. You have to share with them.

8. You need to pamper your employees just as much as your guests. Happy employees, happy customers.

7. It is possible to answer three phones while checking out a client.

6. The customer may have spent 5 minutes with you, but they will remember your name and how you made them feel.

5. Adults still seek permission to use the restrooms.

4. Sometimes I make up reasons on why it is taking so long to check you out. “This darn computer, running so slow.” When really, I can’t find the coupon you need.

3. Never leave the front desk for five minutes, that is when everything will happen.

2. I may call people by the wrong name, but it is usually someone I just checked out, so really, they should be flattered the name stuck around.

1. When I ask you to spell your last name, that is a red flag that our communication system failed and I have no clue who you are.

Hope you were able to relate to some of these and smile. Life happens to everyone, it happens quick and sometimes it evolves into amazing memories. Cherish every moment, every transaction and every changed life.

Have an amazing week!


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