Entrepreneur: Carrie Kuhl


This week Tangent is featuring entrepreneurs that chose to jump in, to run a business on their own, both feet first.

Today Tangent brings you Carrie Kuhl, who owns Hitch Studio in Brookings, Sd. She has always had a creative touch to everything she does. Going to school for design, she knew her talent could be applied to seeing the world a little differently.

She found a partner in crime, Renee Halgerson, and they opened the studio in February of 2014.

In regards to opening the studio, Carrie said, “Owning this type of business has been a dream of mine for some time. Once I realized that I wanted more out of my profession I began working towards this goal.”

One thing Carrie quickly realized, in order to follow your dream, you have to be able to jump off of the mainstream and make your own path. It is scary, intimidating and tough.

“Finding a new stride [was the hardest lesson learned]. Working in a corporate setting for over 10 years meant that I had a routine and a relatively predictable day. When you own your own business, there is no routine and never will be one. You need to be flexible and ready to make tough decisions every day.”

Part of the unknown is what is so exciting to Carrie. Always being able to approach situations with an even temper has helped her get to where she is today. She has learned some of the biggest benefits in working your own business, is finding what makes you happy.

“The greatest benefit is that it challenges me everyday and every single day brings new adventures. It fills my cup,” said Carrie.

She also has a huge heart, which comes through in all the work she does for her clients. It isn’t about money or fame that keeps her driven, it’s about the product and the consumer.

Carrie said, “Happy customers [drive me]. When someone comes in for a website or design work, they have a dream or vision similar to one I had once. It is so rewarding to be a part of another person’s dream.”

In her spare time she lends her hand to other entrepreneurs, has a little boy to raise with husband Jason, (who started Kuhl Prints) and keeps creativity at the forefront. The one thing in running your own business is to make sure you don’t lose yourself.

“[The decision is] going to be one of the scariest decisions you have ever made. The most beneficial thing we did in the beginning was our homework. We were very prepared when we started our business and we each had run a successful freelance business along side our full-time jobs, so when we started we had a small client base.”

To learn more about Hitch Studio and Carrie, visit: http://hitchstudio.com/about/ or



*** Thank you Carrie for sharing your story! Your words can be there to help support someone who is ready to take the leap.***


Written by Kristin Marthaler. Copyright 2016.

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