Entrepreneur: Stephanie Drietz


Tangent is featuring entrepreneurs this week. Our second feature of the week goes to Stephanie (Skulstad) Drietz. She was born and raised in Granite Falls, MN. She then attended college at Minnesota State University – Moorhead. Currently she resides in Fargo, ND.

She has developed her business Drietz Designs as a freelance graphic designer.

Putting her amazing skills to work every day is a blessing for her. She is married to Tom and has two little boys. This allows her to be more involved in their lives. Not all things come as planned.

She said, “I was laid off of my full time marketing/design job and decided to start Drietz Designs to see if I could make a living working on my own. With many prayers said, and blessings granted, I have been able to successfully run my own design business since.”

Stephanie has been working hard since 2011 building her clientele and ensuring she continues to grow her business.

“I have worked with some clients since the beginning, I have gained some new ones, and lost some existing ones, but it is so fun to design for all different kinds of businesses.,” she said.

With her passion for designing and creating a new perspective on the same white page she has learned a lot in the last five years.

“Everything falls on you since you are the only one running the business. So always check, double check, and re-check all the work that you do!”

When it comes to taking a risk and jumping in with both feet, Stephanie says, “do it!”

“Take risks! Jumping off on my own was the biggest risk I have made in my life, and now I get to wake up each day to do what I love. Designing for variety of different businesses AND staying home with my kids. It is a lifestyle I really never envisioned growing up, but I feel so lucky that I get to live this life. Take the risk.”



*** Thank you Stephanie for sharing your story. Your words of encouragement will definitely help inspire others! ***


Written by Kristin Marthaler, Copyright 2016.

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