Entrepreneur: Julie Petersen

This week Tangent brings you personal stories of those who have started their own business. 

As an entrepreneur myself, I find inspiration in others who choose to start their own business. Those who chose to conquer the working world alone. Some have found a great business partner to work with, which has made their business even stronger. Some power through on their own. This week, our first highlight is Julie Petersen of Watertown, South Dakota.

389593_10151454533900366_2006030959_nJulie bought her salon, Prestige, in 2007 after graduating from cosmetology school. Five years later, she realized her passion was coaching and teaching and joined Inspiring Champions, as a coach. Since opening the salon, Julie has moved her salon into a larger building, hired additional staff and increased product knowledge with her employees every year.

Julie believes, “There’s no such thing as standing still. You’re either moving forward or moving backwards. Education and trainmen for myself and my team sets everyone up to move forward, or at least gives us some tools to push through obstacles.”

Developing her team and training them to be the best in the area, has come with a lot of personal growth.

Julie said she, “Had major growth in the beginning, and have had to deal with growing pains.  During this time I made decisions for the team, not the business. In the end, it’s the business that will remain, not always the employees. I am learning to overcome making decisions for people just to satisfy them, and making decisions for the business, which in turn benefits the people who are loyal to the business.”

The one thing about running a salon is you are dealing with a lot of different personalities. You need to not only know how to talk to your clients, but also know how to work with those on your team. Julie advises, “Learn how to communicate with all different types of personalities. Learn the personalities and how to appreciate what they bring to the table. Know you’re personality and embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly so you can always be in a place of internal growth.”

The reason I chose to highlight Julie first is because I have seen her growth first hand. I have seen her question her decisions, have more passion about the company than anyone ever will, and always look internally first when figuring out how to fix situations.

It is easy to tell everyone what to do, pretend you know everything and turn over employees left and right. Julie believes in growing her employees and helping them reach their full potential. She truly wants everyone to be a better version of themselves and enjoy their passion every day.

In regards to what keeps her going, “I honestly am motivated by acknowledgement first, and money second. So when I feel most successful, I’m surrounded by a team that is coachable and grows under coaching, which I feel is my God given gift to I utilize in my position, and they openly acknowledge and appreciate me. I could have a penny to my name and feel as though I am rich solely because I am appreciated.”

In her rare spare time, Julie sings in a band Our Therapy and attends her husbands softball games, attends church and volunteers in the community.


*** Thank you for sharing your story Julie! I hope others can learn from your words and be inspired by your passion. ***


Written by Kristin Marthaler, Copyright 2016.

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