What are you Waiting for?

What are you waiting for

You wake up and you are 60

Close your eyes at night

In fear of seeing tomorrow

Cringe at the thought of failure

Run from the sight of success

Yesterday you were in daycare

Worrying about lunchtime meals

Today you hugged your grandchild

Who smiled so sweet at you

Why do we close our eyes

Run from the future we don’t know

Why do we cringe at the thought of life

Happening to us so slow

We wait for something great to come

Always sitting by the side

We often have a several excuses

Nothing worthy of an answer

Sitting on the porch and suddenly you’re 90

Your life plays back a picture, slow and steady

As each frame passes, there is little regret

Some glimpses cause pain

Others make your heart smile

How did you make it through life not knowing

How do you find a way

What makes you different from all others

How is it you make this world your place

Today your great grandchild is born

Their path in life to come

What stories, strength and love to pass

Will you leave it to the next generation

Life isn’t about how you lived it

It’s about what you left behind

Be a story that goes on for ages

One your children begin to tell

Live each day with fullness

Ever wishing for greatness

Never settle

Never quit

Always be humble

You are living your story now

What are you waiting for

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