Ya, I get it Mom! Gosh.

Never let something knock you down. Even for a minute. If it happens. It is ok. It’s how you get back up. It truly is. Blah blah blah.

But I guess it’s true.

I have always told myself I will give myself five minutes to cry it out, be angry, and hate the world. Then I must jump back into action. Life is too short to live in a pity party.

I don’t know if it is from watching my family and everything they have gone through, or just something internal. When life gives you lemons, open up that lemonade stand and get money for it!

I left my job on a Thursday at 11:48 a.m. I had no plan. I had no options. I did have a car! So I got into it, and had my moment. And I mean I lost it. Like when a little kid doesn’t get their favorite toy at the store for the fifth time in a row and the world is going to end kind of lost it. And I called my mom. They always make everything better. My mom’s favorite phrase to me is “Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.” She even made me a cake once. After a little pep talk, I took action.

I’m being 100% transparent, because I want others to be able to learn from my failures and from my successes. If one sentence I write changes someone’s life for the better, then my mission in this world is complete. I have nothing to hide. This is who I am, who I will always be. Yet tomorrow, I will be even greater. 

So to continue, I got home 30 minutes later; I emailed 300 of my contacts and shared I was ready for a new opportunity. I then messaged everyone I could think of on LinkedIn and asked if they had any connections or referrals. I also applied to 40 jobs. I wasn’t going to sit around and let life happen to me. I was going to make life happen.

By that afternoon, I had a few leads on jobs and went on interviews on Friday. I was offered a job the next week. I thought to myself, “well that’s not how this works.” So I put it off.

The next week I was contacted again. My thought, “No one wants me that bad.”

Then thoughts began to fill my mind; with possibilities that life can actually go as planned once you take action. It was new for me. Life has never worked that way. I have felt for much of my working career I was working upstream. I was fighting the current. Looking back, I was growing, maturing and learning. Some lessons the hard way. This happened too easily, I thought to myself.

I’m not writing this to share with you things were just handed to me. I am sharing with you how much work you need to put into something in order to get something out. What was ‘handed to me in my mind’ was because of those 300 contacts I had grown over the last 8 years. Those I messaged on LinkedIn I have worked closely with. I have had to built integrity, kept my word and put them first. Because of that, I had an alliance that was willing to be there to help pick me back up and put me on a new track in life.

Every moment, ever decision, every thought, leads to something in your lifetime. It may not happen overnight, but at one point, you will look back and think, “this is how it is paying off.” For those times you think nothing will pay off, it s the experience itself that will teach more than you will ever need to know.

So with that I say, get back up! Get back in the fight! Get Going! The only thing you have to lose is time.



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