It’s Go Time


The sun sets this evening,

Something I’ve never dread.

Looking for tomorrow,

Missing what’s in my head.

If this all emptied,

Would my heart go as well?

I can’t find the answer,

My eyes begin to swell.

I need a guide, a little plan,

A roadmap for success,

Getting lost at every curve,

My cry must digress.

I pull up strength

From deep within,

I fight for justice,

I fight for the win.

Eyes wiped shut,

Ready to open anew,

Complacency can go,

Ready for this view.

I’m ready for every chance,

I’m ready for every turn,

No matter what may come,

No matter what may burn.

I will always fight for all,

Never faltering my stride.

My eyes may sometimes swell,

But my strength will outweigh my pride.

By: Kristin Marthaler

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