Melancholy Malarky


Without realizing it, melancholy sets in. It doesn’t give you a warning. Doesn’t write you a memo. A secretary doesn’t call you to warn that it would be coming. It is just there. You were blindsided. Now what do you do?

First of all, find out if your life is set in a routine. Is it a good routine or bad routine? For example, as a single woman, you need to change up your schedule; when you come and go from your apartment, to ensure it is hard for someone to know your schedule. Changing up your plans, leaving at different times, can help deter stalkers or intruders. It is a lot easier for them to attack if they know your every move. Thank you Law and Order: SVU.

What is good routine? Your family gets home from work and school, you all sit down and have supper together. That is a fantastic routine, that you should keep. We’ll save that discussion for another day.

I personally believe it’s hard to get out of a routine, rut or ‘blah zone’ until you realize you are in one. After leaving my job, I spent the first day I was free, completely rearranging my furniture in the living room. It had sat the same way for a year and a half. I would constantly get, “why is your TV so far away?” Well, that is where I put it when I moved in. So, it has to be there.

But did it? Why didn’t I rearrange in the past? Was I scared of change? Lazy? What was it? 

I was in a rut. My life had become melancholy and I had gotten used to it. That first free day gave me a whole new point of view. A whole new view on my job, my personal life and my living situation.

One thing I learned, A LOT of people walk by my apartment outside. No wonder Sammy is always freaking out. I thought it was just our neighbor cat, who does it on purpose.

The second thing I learned was, it is refreshing. It was OK. I didn’t die when I did it. I didn’t have complete chaos in my life because of it. I tried something new. I happened to like it, so I am keeping it that way. For now.

Why does such a big life change, make a furniture rearranging situation such an eye opener?

Now onto my next fear, having my back to the door. I always have to sit facing the door. You know, because of the mafia.

Until next time.


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