Leadership Week: Ellen Able

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This week at Tangent we are highlighting leaders that have a proven success record. Today’s leader is Ellen Able from Lakeville, Minnesota. She demonstrates and embodies what it takes to become a real leader in the community.

When she isn’t attending her children’s games, selling a home, or participating in one of her many organizations, Ellen is there supporting her friends and family.

Ellen became a licensed real estate professional in Feb of 2006 at Edina Reality. 

What defines a leader according to Ellen, “someone who is not only concerned about their job and business but always has the companies and other peoples best interested in mind as well.  Someone who is always trying to make other people better.”

This is something that is evident in Ellen’s actions each day. Most ask, how does she have time for this? She also has a great ability to make every feel they are the most important in that moment.

Words she lives by, “always treat all people equal and treat them the way you would want to be treated. Respect goes a long way.”

As some have learned, success doesn’t come easy. It isn’t handed to you. Ellen moved to Minnesota with her husband and three children 15 years ago. She knew no one in town, no friends, or family. “It was a tough transition but once we got settled, I started networking and beginning my business, and I am now one of the top 10 agents in my office.”

Determination, drive and tenacity is Ellen’s middle name.

What makes her so successful?

“My attention to detail,  the systems that I have put together to run my business ( all transactions are run the same), and the passion that I have for my clients in making sure they completely understand the whole real estate transaction that they are embarking on.”

That is why Ellen is a leader in her field.


*** Ellen, thank you for sharing your story. Your words will help someone else! Thank you! ***

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