Leadership Week: Corey Schuler



This week at Tangent we are focusing on highlighting strong leaders in the community in the ti-state area. Today we introduce you to Corey Schuler of Hudson, Wisconsin.

Corey has been the Director of Metabolic Treatment Center since 2011. When he isn’t focused on his treatment center, he is volunteering in the community, taking care of his son and supporting his wife and 10 year old son.

Serving as a public figure Dr. Schuler seeks these words of wisdom, “[Don’t] always take yourself so seriously. Business is serious. Responsibilities are serious. You have to have some room in your life to play and laugh.”

Though Dr. Schuler has an extensive background including; being certified nutrition specialist and board-certified clinical nutritionist, and chiropractic doctor. He completed his masters of science in human nutrition at the University of Bridgeport and received doctoral training in behavioral health interventions through Arizona State University and completed a doctorate in botanical medicine. He is a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine (FAAIM) and currently serves in Clinical Affairs for Integrative Therapeutics and adjunct assistant professor for the School of Applied Clinical Nutrition at New York Chiropractic College. He practices integrative medicine at Hudson Headache clinic and Metabolic Treatment Center in Western Wisconsin.A leader is someone who inspires others. Leadership has very little to do with title or position, credentials or even experience. (Facebook Bio. 2016)

After all of that, he doesn’t believe titles define who you are as a leader. Leaders run into trials and tribulations along with the rest of the world. All striving to be the leading change.

“I’ve overcome my own struggles with burnout and feelings of inadequacy and just straight up insecurities about being able to do my job. As an entrepreneurial spirit, I’ve often had to suppress the “entrepreneurial seizure” as Michael Gerber describes. I’ve moved my family multiple times. We’ve lived in 6 homes in 11 years of marriage which is a significant stress that I’ve added to all the normal stresses of modern life. I have a school aged son who I try to spend as much time as possible with. Being a successful in business and as a parent is the ultimate juggling act.”

So how do you turn all of that into success?

“I’m successful in clinical practice because I am excessively persistent. When a patient isn’t getting results or is hitting a wall with their goals, I’ve got my nose in books and journals, I’m on the phone with colleagues and experts, and I’m posting questions on interdisciplinary forums to get a different perspective. That type of persistence provides similar results when it comes to running a business and building a brand.”

Even when you are wanting it the most, sometimes what matters more, is being true to yourself.

“I starting seeing the most significant success when I just started being my authentic self in everything I did. I was at a “mastermind” group with peers that were much more advanced than me and I basically didn’t fit in there. I made a few good deep connections but ultimately I didn’t take full advantage of meeting all of these great people because I was too worried about what they might think about me. Ever since then, I’ve been my best self. I was presenting with one of the biggest names in our industry. Instead of letting her lead, I jumped in where I knew my expertise would shine and let go of my fears and used the humor and presentation style I was most comfortable with rather than molding to her style. It turned out to be just great! We became instant friends and have done multiple projects since then. It solidified the idea that I had to be my best self rather than trying to be someone else or follow someone else’s path. Another thing I did that helped me be successful is reducing my reading of self-help books and reading fiction novels instead. That was a big shift for me that has proven itself effective in a myriad of ways!”

For more information about Dr. Schuler and leading by example, you can visit his website here!



*** Corey, thank you for your open and honest feedback. What you have shared will make a difference in someone’s life! ***

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