Leadership Week: Codi Hanson


12033707_10156053995625263_99818008_nThis week on the Tangent Blog we are discussing leaders and how they impact their surroundings. One of the greatest kind of leaders, are ones who lead by example. They live their life and fulfill their daily duties without expecting to be a leader or shown as a leader.

Today’s leader is Codi Hanson from Watertown, South Dakota. Codi is a mother to two children and wife to Justin. Both work at Premier Bankcard in town. Codi has worked there for 15 years, spending the last 6 years in her current position. She has become a leader in her organization, community and church.

When Codi isn’t taking her children to activities, she is volunteering at her church and in the community as well as helping her husband’s band Our Therapy.

Her words of wisdom on how she keeps going, “smile and be positive! It’s infectious!!  And it never hurts to sprinkle in some humor.”

Codi sees a leader being someone who is, “trustworthy, responsible, respectful, and dependable. Someone who steps up without being asked.”
Her definition of leadership is exactly who she is as a human being. She is there whenever she is needed, has great advice for others and wants truly the best for everyone. Success and leadership doesn’t come easy. Codi has learned, sometimes you have to be at the right place at the right time.

“Sometimes I feel so passionate about something that I don’t speak my mind at an appropriate time or place.  I have matured definitely in that aspect.”

When looking at leaders, we forget that they have struggled to get where they are as well. Things don’t come easily or get handed to everyone. They have had the same struggles and tribulations the rest of us do, in some cases, even more. One thing that makes them amazing is how they handle it and how they recover from their situations. Definitely people to learn from.

Hear why Codi believes she’s successful, “I feel successful because I’m a wife, mother of two and I hold a full time job. My children are in after school activities.  As a family we enjoy volunteering in our community.  My family is also very active in our church.  I feel my husband and I have been good examples for our children on how to lead a well rounded life.”

Her friends, family and colleagues couldn’t agree more.



*** Codi, thank you for sharing your story. Your information will help and inspire others!***


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