Leadership Week: Heidi Schooley


The true definition of leadership; the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. I prefer to see it as someone who leads by example. Someone who proves to be a leader with out seeking the position.

Our first leader of the week is Heidi Schooley from Castlewood, South Dakota. She spends her evenings being a mother to three amazing children and wife to Chad, who is a farmer. When she isn’t perfecting her bow hunting skills, watching a basketball game or driving dinner out to the field, she is a business woman. She is promoting National American University in Watertown, South Dakota.

Heidi has found a way to BE National American University in town. When you see her, you know what she stands for and what she represents.

Starting as campus director in 2006, she has learned a lot of lessons along the way. She says, “each day presents new challenges, but life is full of challenges and I am here to conquer them.”

To get her through each day, she says “always do your best, and make each day count.” In her downtime, Heidi has found a true passions in connecting with Melanie Brown and Believership in Sioux Falls.

In asking Heidi what her belief of the definition of leadership is she said, “I believe that society has created “chains of command” and “titles” that outline who is and isn’t a leader.  There are tons of articles and books out there that will even tell you if you’re a “born leader”. I believe that if you are someone who is willing to serve others and always go the extra mile then you should give leadership a try.  A title doesn’t need to define you, others don’t need to define you – YOU need to define YOU and what your purpose will be.  It’s about the journey along with way and folks you come in contact with to help mentor and bring with you.”

Everyone looks at the world a different way. Heidi has been able to find her direction and path and share her beliefs and enthusiasms with everyone.

Here are her closing thoughts, “I am thankful for the opportunities that I have been given and I will continue to serve others and do my best every day.I feel blessed to do what I do and work side by side the folks that truly have a desire to help make this crazy world better.  Each day they help make life even better. I also very blessed to have a husband, Chad who helps me be a better person every day.  He is my rock.  He loves more every day, encourages and challenges me.  Along with him and our 3 B’s – Beau, Booker and Bryn, they inspire me to be the best mom ever.  And in the end, faith, family and love is what it’s all about.”
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***Special thank you to Heidi Schooley for sharing her thoughts and insights in what it takes to be a leader. Your message will help others!***

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