Raised by Best Friends

IMG_6355Your parents spend 18 years raising you. Readying you for the rest of the world. They discipline, teach hard life lessons and are your biggest fan. But what happens when you turn 18? You move out the house, start working or go to college. Who raises you then?

That is where your best friends step in. Your friends raise you. Some do an amazing job, some struggle keeping other friends healthy and alive. It’s a big role to fill, and not one we openly recognize. No one thinks when they are 5 years old, “I can’t wait to keep track of Kristin when she turns 21!” No one wants that task. I don’t even want the task of being an adult, let alone having to be in charge of someone else. It’s scary! But it happens. It’s part of nature.

Your best friends are like your parents, your biggest supporter. However, they also share with you exactly how they feel, if they are true friends. Sometimes it hurts when they say it, but you know at the end of the day they have your best interest at heart.

As I think back, it took a lot of friends to raise me. A village if you will. Some, I have been friends with for over 20 years. They still teach me life lessons, hold me accountable and make me want to be a better.

You can’t choose your parents, but you do get to choose your best friends. Here are 10 ways to know if you have a true best friend.

10. They take off your rose colored glasses.

9. They are there the second anything bad happens, to pick you up off the floor, kick whoever’s ass that hurt you, and get you back to the old you.

8. They know your drinking limit. They get prepared.

7. They motivate you and make you want to be a better human.

6. They know you have some crazy and they let it happen.

5. Regardless of when you last talked to them, you picked up right where you left off.

4. Their couch is always open.

3. They know you, they know when you are being fake and they call you on it.

2. Your significant other also dates all of them. If they don’t like them, you don’t like them.

1. They call you on your BS.

My parents did an amazing job raising me. They instilled so many great qualities, some I have taken for granted. A majority of the credit goes to them and their DNA. However, I am blessed to have some amazing best friends who have continued to raise me after I moved out.

It takes a village to raise a human.

It takes a best friend to make that life worth it. 

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