Organized Success

Organization is the key to success in life.

But is it? Some of the worlds greatest leaders were unorganized. Look at Einstein, his office was all sorts of messy.


I don’t know if I agree that it makes you successful, however, it does make you feel amazing once you do it.
Here is my life currently:

Ya, It is messy. But it is all things I use every single day. All of it. Every day.

So, I decided to buy this handy dandy organizer from Amazon for $12. My excitement level for it arriving was embarrassing.

Along with organizing everything, you end up throwing out a lot of things you not longer need or want, and also put things in the right place.

End result?

A feeling of accomplishment! Yes, it feels good to have my bathroom cleaned. Yes, I like having it organized.

Now to see if it causes success!


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