Drives Me Sane!

IMG_1288.JPGRush Hour – Yes Please!

No one in their right mind likes rush hour.

Having to sit in traffic twice as long as there should be.

Dealing with drivers who suddenly don’t know which route they want to take to work.

Inattentive drivers on their cell phone, putting on makeup or reading a book.

I get it, I totally understand. But I apparently am not in my right mind, because I…wait for it…love it!

I have found a fairly good renting option, which allows me to save on several expenses. This allows a little fluff in my budget. This is one reason I am okay with this long commute. However, I am also okay with the down time. If I leave at the right time of day, it takes me about 35 minutes to get to work. If I miss that time frame, it can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Sometimes one raindrop shuts down the whole commute for a solid two hours, minimum. Note that this is not the direction this blog is going. I am sticking to that 30 minute enjoyable time frame.

I love the 30 minute drive before I get home each night. I love being able to break down my day, recap and make a plan for the next day. For the opposite, going into work, I like using that time to prepare and get my ducks in a row before the day starts.

I’m going to be honest, most days I spend the morning making amazing plans, figuring out my hopes and dreams for the future. I then spend my drive home, figuring out how I can get out of it or postpone it to the next day, because sometimes TV and bed sounds amazing!

However, there are those days where a good de-brief at the end of the day, to me, is essential.

How many of you have a bad day, drive five to ten minutes home, and nothing goes your way when you get home? Your kids are loud, your significant other didn’t do their part of the house chores, your supper isn’t started. And it DRIVES you up a wall? I have that moment, just like everyone else.

Usually mine involves dealing with my dog who had been watching Judge Judy all day and now has an attitude. BUT, the drive home, allows me to approach his attitude with a calm voice. We get on the same page and hang out.

It’s not something you will love the first few times you do it, it gets frustrating. It’s about longevity and it becoming a routine. I always encourage dance parties.

Happy driving!