How do you coach courage, tenacity and strength? How do you let people know they have everything it takes to be amazing and they just aren’t utilizing it? How do you make it clear to someone that they truly have what it takes, if they would just get out of their own way.

Having been the recipient of this conversation at one or more times in my life it is hard to explain. It’s not a repetitive action, caffeine option or eating the right breakfast. It’s a feeling. It’s a belief. It’s the essence of who you are.

So again I ask you, how do you coach that? How do you bring that out in others?

One of the things I struggle the most with as a manager is seeing the potential in others and waiting for it to come out.

I am an over-night person. If I see it, I want to share it. If I feel it, I want to record it. I have worked the last five years being able to hold information and give it at the proper time, or only give it to certain individuals. To be calculated. It’s something I struggle with every day, but have found I have grown so much in that effort, since four years ago.

Being a leader or a good manager is about being able to see the potential in others to get them to where they deserve to be. Having the patience to deal with a slow/bad week, and waiting for their rockstar moment and celebrating it.

To those I work with day in and day out, I see you for who you can be, not who you are. I like you for who you are and I cherish working with you for who you are. But I see so much more. When you say I can’t, I hear, “I want to find a way.” When you say, this is how we have always done it, I hear, “Guide me to find a new process.”

When I hear, I’ve given it my all, I hear, “I’m not done fighting.”

At the end of the day, I can not want this for you. I truly believe you want it.

So you will fight for it.

And you will get it.

I will always believe in you.