Why? Why? Why? But…why?


We all have those moments where we wonder why something is the way it is. What are some things that you ponder throughout the day, and never have found the answer to?

Mine include:

Why is there dust?
How does the washer make holes in my clothes?
Where do my socks go in the dryer?
Why is it liquor before beer you are in the clear, and beer before liquor makes you sicker? Always baffled me.
Why do dogs know exactly where to go the bathroom, but throw up only on nice things? Carpet, hardwood floor, company’s feet…
Why do the amazing people in our lives die young, and killers live to old age on death row?
Why do I get insomnia on Sunday nights?
Why does healthy food spoil quickly and cost money, when unhealthy food lasts forever and is cheap?
Why do I have to pay registration fees on a car? I already bought it. Done.
Who invented what side of the road to drive on?
Why do people clean their house before cleaning people come? Isn’t the point for them to clean?
Why aren’t there pizza flavored health shakes? Wouldn’t that make more sense?
Why is there writers block?
Why do people clean their cupboards when people come over? I personally have never opened a strangers cupboard. (Just the medicine cabinet to see if we are on the same meds).
Why do we have to grow up?

If you know the answer to any of these questions, please let me know. They have been on my mind for some time!

🙂 Hope your heart is smiling,

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