Happiness Exsists


Being happy in life is a positive, being happy at work is a bonus. I used to think this was true. It wasn’t until I started working at my recent job did I realize how much I can control my happiness level. I am not an expert by any means, however, I have had jobs where I hit snooze 10 times. Those jobs weren’t fun, Monday’s weren’t fun.

I want to talk to you a minute about how to turn your situation around if below describes you:

  • Hit snooze three times or more
  • Dread Monday’s
  • Annoyed by co-workers presence
  • Can’t wait for your morning break, lunch break and even better, going home
  • Spend more time searching Facebook then completing work

Trust me, we have all be there. We have all had those moments where Monday’s get the best of you. Where you drive home and think to yourself, “You win Monday. You win!” I want to let you know don’t have to be stuck. You don’t have to live that kind of life. You are allowed to have fun at work and smile on a Monday. I will say it again, you are allowed to love your job!

Since I have found myself in this very situation, more than once, here are some things I did to turn it around.

  1. Analyze what it is that upsets you. Is it the people? The work? The schedule? The location?
  2. Once you determined what is upsetting you about work, remove that trigger from your emotions.
    1. If distance to work drives you nuts, change it. Carpool, have a dance party in your car, find a good talk show, listen to a motivational book, call relatives and catch up. Find something to occupy the time so you feel the drive is worth it.
  3. Once you remove the trigger, remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
    1. If Bob always says a horrible joke and it sets you off every single day, today, laugh at his joke and appreciate the fact that he wants to talk to you and share these moments with you. If you dig deep enough, Bob probably wants to connect with you and that is the only way he knows how.
  4. If this doesn’t work, if you make an effort to change, and things are still the same, change jobs. Sometimes it isn’t always the right fit.
  5. If your new job still upsets you and makes you mad, it’s you. You need an attitude adjustment. You are the only person that can fix it. It takes 11 positive people to tackle 1 toxic negative employee. Don’t be that 1 employee.

These tips have worked for me and continue to work for me. Best of luck in your journey moving forward. Remember, it’s IS okay to love life, love work and be happy at both.

I Came in too Hot!

The best thing in this world is laughter. Making someone laugh can completely change their day. It can de-escalate a situation and it can help people feel at ease.

My favorite commercial of time is, “I came in too hot!”

That is all I have to say.



What is your favorite commercial of all times?