Cross your T’s and dot your I’s


As a manager I am frequently interviewing new hires and looking over their resumes, behaviors and dedication to getting the job. Now that I have been in the director of career services position for a while, I wanted to share with you some easy tips to ensure success when job interviewing.

  1. Show up. If you no-show your interview you are essentially ‘black listed’. ALWAYS call and explain that you cannot make it. If the job isn’t a great fit, you would know than we would, so share that with us.
  2. There is a balance between confident and egotistical. That is a very fine line, make sure you stay humble while promoting yourself.
  3. I see you before you see me. I can see you walking into the office and talking with my receptionist. Your interview began the second you got out of your car. Did you spit? Put out a cigarette? Ignore my receptionist? Act rude towards others in the office?
  4. You are human. If you are nervous, don’t tell me, I can see. Sometimes I can’t see and you make it worse by saying how nervous you are. Just be confident in what you want to say and the message you want to get across.
  5. As the interviewer, I am looking for red flags and reasons to not hire you. Don’t let bad behaviors knock you out of the running before you start. (Cellphone ringing, chewing gum, acting annoyed at the questions, etc.)

You may not have all the answers or answer correctly, but if you are confident, determined to get the job and did your research you have a good chance of getting the position. Ultimately it comes down to how you will fit within the culture of the company. Don’t get discouraged if you are turned down for positions. It just means you get to move on to something even better and something that is a greater fit to who you are.

Keep pushing forward and giving your all in every interview. You can accomplish amazing things!

Tips and tricks for several interviews:

  1. Keep a log of who you are interviewing with and where.
  2. Do your research on the companies you are interviewing with.
  3. Have a calendar set for dates and times you are interviewing, include the name of the interviewer, company and phone number in case you are lost or running late.
  4. Color code the types of jobs you are interview for. Green for jobs in your field that you really want, yellow for jobs you would take to get income coming in, and red for jobs you don’t necessarily want, but need to practice your interviewing techniques.
  5. Interviewing can be exhausting. Don’t forget to rejuvenate each night. Recap the interview in your notes and set a follow up appointment to check on the fulfillment of the position.

2 thoughts on “Cross your T’s and dot your I’s

  1. Kathleen Velde says:

    Way to go girl!
    I enjoy reading your blog. It’s like you’re sitting right next to me and we’re talking.
    I will admit that I have never read a blog before. When there were still paper newspapers, we called ‘them’ columns.@

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