Power of Cousins


You know all my deep secrets and you are not forced to be my friend, yet you are always by my side. Now if you weren’t my family, reunions would be awkward. The power of cousin friendship isn’t something I truly appreciated until recently.

When I moved to the cities in 2008 I threw myself into work since I didn’t have a core group of friends established in the cities. Then I began to realize, it is hard to make friends in the cities as everyone already has their core established. It was a never ending circle. I then found going to work functions helped introduce me to others and I slowly started to develop great friendships there.

Not once did I think, “Hey, I have 6 cousins who live in the cities, maybe I could hang out with them?” It wasn’t until a year or two later at a family get together, I found a few of us chatting and talking and planning an upcoming event. I carried that excitement over to my other family members and found there were even more connections to be made.

Once childhood playmates are now adult best friends. I can’t imagine my life without all of them. They are such strong amazing people. Each one has a strength I cherish and admire. They inspire me to be the best me. We have all been involved in the same life circumstances, we deal with excitement and sadness the same way. They are extensions of siblings, yet feel closer than that.

If you are not best friends with your cousins, I recommend giving them a call and asking them how their day is. You will be amazed at what you find hidden in family.

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