Behind the tattoo: GGHJ

Dear you,
So much has changed in the last decade. The last time we talked, you were celebrating my graduating from High School. It was such a great day. Even though I got a promise ring that day, the thing I remember most is your smiles.
I wanted to write you a letter to let you know how much I have missed you. You are in my thoughts every single day. There are times where I wonder what life would have been like if you were still around. What knowledge and words of encouragement you would be able to send my way. I frequently talk to my cousin about how much I miss you and how much we wish you were still here.
I remember the special moments we had, just the two of us. The advice you gave me still sticks with me today. I live some of my life based on what you said and how I should do it. You impacted my world more than you would ever know.
I wish you were still here to help me in the next phase of life. Hold grandchildren and make milkshakes when we are sick. Truth is, even when you are a grown adult, you still need your grandma.
There are so many what ifs all these years later. What if I had told you how much you really meant to me, what if I had time to ask you all the questions I have now, what if…you were still here.
You would think several years and a million memories would fade the picture of you. If anything, it has made it stronger. It has made the special moments that I remember even greater.
Because of you, I see the sun
Because of you, I listen to the birds
Because of you, I believe in education
Because of you, I make the man come to me
Because of you, I believe in true love
Because of you, I am stronger
Because of you, I smile

Though all of our time was short lived, you made the biggest impact on me and who I am and became the basis in which I live my life. Thank you. Thank you for your guidance, your wisdom, your view on life. You have made this world better because we got to spend time with you.

Though this isn’t any of your kind of music, it speaks to me and makes me think of you…

Until we meet again,

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