There are certain things you do because your family says so. I.e.; take out the garbage, do the dishes and … buy a dog. I am a very strong independent person, but when 5 people in my family say, “hey we think you should get a dog.” You consider it.

It’s not until its Christmas and they picked out a dog for you AND you are on the way to the animal shelter do you realize, oh my gosh, I’m about to get a dog.

Getting a dog isn’t like little pet hamsters when you were little. My sister Jessie was notorious for killing every pet within days of receiving it. Hamsters and especially fish did not live long in our house. You have to live with your dog for as long as it lives. So many years. I’ve had two dogs in my lifetime, one named Patch (Patcharooni) and one named Buddy Fritz Jr. Marthaler. Little dogs have always been part of my world. It wasn’t until my family said I should get one did I realize I had been missing out.

Turns out getting a dog on Christmas was the best choice I ever made.

Lesson’s I’ve learned owning my own dog:

  1. Dad won’t take it out for you.
  2. You DO have to feed it twice a day.
  3. If you don’t let it outside, it will find somewhere inside to go the bathroom.
  4. It makes you think of more things than yourself.
  5. Constant companion.

I have learned several more lessons, but for the sake of this blog I will keep it short. Now let me share with you why my dog, Sammy (Samalama, Sammy Sosa, SAMMY!, Sam, Samalamadingdong, SamSam, dude!) is the coolest dog there is.

  1. He learns tricks when his owner and friends have been drinking, AND remembers them the next day.
  2. He’s a dick. He runs the show and he chooses who his friends are. Sometimes he is your friend and sometimes he is not. He will let you know.
  3. He has the biggest heart when I’m feeling sad, he will crawl on my lap and nuzzle up close.
  4. He likes to drink. Preference is screwdrivers.
  5. He has an amazing ability to hide every toy in the house. Not usually under the couch. All over.
  6. A gnat can toot down the hall and he will hear it and start barking uncontrollably.
  7. He’s a really good nap-er.
  8. He is deathly afraid of anything that moves around him or touches him without his knowledge.
  9. He knows the second he is in trouble and punishes himself.
  10. He is amazing at hide and go seek.

So, if you are single, and contemplating having a dog. Do it. (Only if you will truly take care of it). It is a long term commitment. You do have to plan taking them out in your schedule. But they are so happy to see you when you get home, they love cuddling and they are your biggest fan. They are also great listeners with whatever you want to talk to them about.

Listening to my family about getting a dog was one of the best decisions I have made.


Love KJM

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