Living with a Stranger

Whelp, I finally did it. I’m living with a man. He’s tall, athletic and a complete stranger.

In August I made the decision to move from my apartment in Burnsville where I have resided ever since I moved to the cities. Now I live in the northern part of the cities and it’s like moving to the big city all over again. To save on rent, I moved in with a stranger. Okay, my co-worker’s wife’s best friends’ 24-year-old little brother. So technically we know each other a little bit.

This was probably the best, weirdest, craziest decision I have ever made. I have only lived with girls, when I had roommates. I REALLY like living alone. A lot. I have a spot for all my own stuff. I can’t stand when people are in my bubble. Maybe reason 3495 why I’m still single. Anyways.

Having a roommate has taught me so much in the last few months. I have a new found outlook on how I see the world and have learned a lot of patience. I like explain my roommate as Sheldon from Big Bang Theory with a look of the best friend from Ferris Bueller’s Day off. He is also wicked smart like Sheldon on the show as well. So you could say I am like Penny. Minus the skinny body, blonde hair and energy. J

THE BIG BANG THEORY Alan-Ruck-Ferris-Bueller

Here are reasons why I think my roommate is not excited I moved in:

  1. I give him ideas just to put his brain in overdrive. “What if we had a drone that brought us beer from the fridge?” He is currently working on logistics.
  2. I don’t put my dishes away in a timely manner.
  3. I question is thought process which stresses him out even more on a project. And yes, there is no point to my point I make.
  4. I give him small jobs around the house because I know it will take him a few weeks to complete them and keep his mind off of making me pay utilities.
  5. Calling him Friday night when I can’t make it home to let my dog out because I’m at the library. So he lets him out for me.

I am 100% sure he knows this. So on the flip side, here are some things I have learned while living with him; aka, things that make me mad:

  1. He’s actually a really good roommate. All the things that annoy me actually make me love the little kid even more. He will make a great husband to someone someday. He truly has a big heart, an open mind and welcomes everyone with open arms. I couldn’t have been placed with a better roommate.

It also works out very well that he likes to hang out in his room when he is home, and that he loves to be busy so he’s never even really home.

If you have to live with a roommate, good luck! Determine what it is that bugs you and turn it into a positive. For example, he is anal at cleaning the dishes. So I leave mine for him to clean. Problem solved.
Much love, KJM

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