Open Letter to my Mentor:

Your actions, words and behavior speak volumes to me even when you don’t say a word. I watch the way you lead in your life, the passion you show for others and effort you put towards being better. I am constantly envious of your ambition, zest for life and flat out exuberant nature.

When you make a decision or analyze a situation, I have a careful eye on what you do. What you do matters to me, how you act matters to me, how you live makes me believe.

This world is so full of ups and downs, it’s during the low points that everyone looks to their mentor and leader. Thank you for being there, thank you for showing the way. Thank you for giving me the guidance I needed to move forward.

I guess the point of this letter is to let you know, I notice. I notice the small things. I notice when you check in, when you contemplate your next move and when you always lend encouraging words. I notice.

Continue to be amazing, creative, strong and confident. I believe in you! I hope you believe in me.




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