The power of judgement

A mother pushes her child in a shopping cart, while looking at food for meal prep. Meanwhile a toddler is putting items in her cart without her knowing. As I walk by the cart I think to myself, “Can’t she leave them at home? Why do mom’s always take their kids, I’m sure the dad is home?”

Don’t act like a horrible judgmental thought has never once crossed your mind. Because it does, and it scares you.

The longer you look the more you think about how she could only get out of the house during this time because it’s her break from work, her husband has a disability from serving our country and she is the sole provider, or she has a great life and this is just part of her daily duties.

Why do our minds immediately judge? Why do we think the immediate opposite of what the position describes.

For example, why wasn’t my first thought, “What a lucky mom to have two beautiful children!”

I know I am not alone in thinking this, and I am not alone in thinking this should change. What is it that America subliminally teaches us that forces our thoughts to go in such a negative direction? For those of us who are sarcastic, sometimes we are able to say those thoughts out loud and people think it is funny.

Never makes it okay.

What is something you have rushed to judgement on but has completely turned out differently?


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They Did What?


When did interviewing become a first date?

The dreaded no-show interview; MAKES ME WANT TO PULL MY HAIR OUT!

These people are begging for a job, applying numerous places; I know because they leave their resume titled wrong, and yet still manage to no show the interview.

I’ve been stood up at work just as much as I have in my personal life. What is this world coming to? Work interviews used to be a guarantee.

Doing some research I have found the following articles that help me understand why it’s happening, and how to solve it. I hope you can end your frustration like I did!

How to prevent No-Shows:

Should you remind candidates:

What has been your experience? How do you handle it?

Help wanted

Lately I’ve been helping out recruiting department hire amazing employees. Recruiting is always on my mind, but not always my focus, until lately. 

Today as I was making visits I saw this:

If you can’t read the sign, all it says is “now hiring” in black marker. 

What does your hiring department look like? What does your hiring message say to potential employees? 

This sign doesn’t scream out to me. Doesn’t give me a warm friendly feeling. It looks like someone walked out on a shift and the manager in a haste threw it up there quick. 

Take a step back – reassess. Does your hiring department match your brand? That’s your greatest marketing opportunity you have. Make it count! 


Looking within

At the end of a 10 hour shift – I like to get home, eat and veg while watching TV to clear my mind. 

After a meeting tonight I couldn’t help but look within to see how I can make a bigger impact at my job. 

I want to create an environment where everyone loves coming to work. Check. I want to have a clientele base that more than enjoys coming to visit. Check. I want employees to work hard at their job because they love it or because they want to do great things.  … no check. 

Even when 9 out of 10 do, I focus on the one that doesn’t. Why? What can I do to motivate them? What can I do to help find their talent within the group? Or do they just need to be done with the team?

Then I found this quote : 

“One of our values is that you should be looking out for each other. Everyone should try to make the lives of everyone else who works here a little bit simpler.”

– Stewart Butterfield, Founder, Slack

That’s what I’m missing! They all are a team and love each other – but they aren’t going the extra mile. Send feedback! Would love to hear any suggestions!


Creating Tangibles

How do you sell your skill when its intangible?

If you can create wood objects that look like furniture, you do, you show proof. Someone can buy that, sit on it and needs are met. If you can paint like Leonardo, the brush strokes speak for themselves. People purchase the art, hang it in their home and gaze into its remarkable display daily. If you can make yarn turn into sweaters, they will keep you warm, and you know you are taken care of.

How do you showcase your true talents when a resume is not made of wood, does not create yarn masterpieces, and the attention to detail within the strokes of a brush are not proven?

I have found myself over the last year asking myself these same questions. In all fairness, they have actually been excuses to give myself a break.

“No one is looking at my website because, you can’t sell words.”

“I can’t make a good impression if no one ever meets me.”

“Others’ strengths always outshine mine.”

When in reality – this is the most important time to be ones own cheerleader. The gift of what you have to offer as an individual in the workforce is something that companies need. Companies need employees who have passion, drive, tenacity and resilience.
If your resume isn’t working, change it. If you aren’t finding a job, look harder. If you have trouble in interviews, practice more. The only one allowing you to fail is yourself.

Seek guidance from those who are in better positions than you, it does not make you weak. You see, what you put into your life and what you choose to do with your life shows your true character. It shows that you have the power to make a difference, to make a change and you will not stand in your own way.

So when someone asks, “what are you good at?” Show them who you are, lay down the words on paper, lead the sales team to greatness, and leave no bridge burned. Create a tangible vision with your actions.

For then will you be able to say, here is proof, of what I am good at.


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To be

It’s 45 minutes past the end of my shift. Questions keep coming from staff and my brain is on overload. I try to respond, I try to be enthusiastic, I try to be. 
I go into the back break room and find three loads of laundry just sitting there. 
Looking back I’m shocked on my immediate response I thought to myself. “Wow, my team has worked hard today!” 
This for me is growth. Five yeas ago I would have thought, “wow, am I the only one that works around here!?”
Now I see; dozens of facial and massages that have been completed. Towels and blankets washed by the hands of breadwinners of their family. Items placed in a blasket while they plan their children’s supper for the evening. 
You see this pile of towels represent teamwork, passion and tenacity. I’m in awe of how hard my team truly works to make others feel healthy, pain free and back to their old selves. 
After that, I simply folded the towels, put them back into their place and humbly went home. As I drove a thought crossed my mind, “I wish I had my teams drive, passion and tenacity.” 
They look to me for answers, guidance and stregnth. Little do they know, I get it from them. 

Ocean of Change


The cold salty ocean current takes me out, my knees scrape the shell covered bottom, sand goes in my nose and my suit is not where it’s supposed to be. On top of all my sunglasses have been washed away.
An ocean has a way of knocking you out when you least expect it. Months later I finally connected the experience to change in the work place. It can hit you out of no where. Whether you are ready or not, it’s about how you respond.

For me, I tried to go in the ocean one more time that day. The result was the exact same. The reason; I approached it the exact same.
The third time I went in the ocean, I knew where my safe level was at. Once I could conquer that, I was able to move further and further into the ocean. I figured out the current, I was able to assess my surroundings the ocean no longer knocked me out.

When a company makes changes within, all to often they come at employees like a tidal wave. The response of those hit are confusion, desperation and survival mode. The change is then met with resistance, concern and doubt.

For me, when going through change, it’s a challenge, that I happily accept. You can knock me down, but I will continue to get back up and figure out how to make things work. If I am failing, I will do what I can to turn everything around so it is winning. A lot of my job during change is making sure those around me are okay with the change. To ensure they know that regardless of what happens, I am here for them and have their back. That is one thing they can hold onto during the change.

The other, while some frown upon it, is sharing my opinion of how I perceive things are going. If I don’t think the change is good, I acknowledge it. If it is going well, I give kudos to those involved. Not all change is good change, however, things are changing because something isn’t working. Feedback is important to allow those working on the change to focus on the right direction.

My question to you is how can a company stop this occurrence from happening? How can they prepare employees for change? They can’t tell employees someone is about to be fired and a replacement will soon fill the spot.

How does your company approach this change?

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Are you Ethical?

Business Ethics 003

Business Ethics 003

If you have been watching the news, you have read or heard about Wells Fargo firing 5,300 people. This is the question in the interview, everyone asks, and it has been answered.

“If you see something happening at work and it is unethical, what do you do?” Apparently 5,300 people went along with it. Others who didn’t were fired or demoted for not hitting goals.

Would you stick to your morals in this situation? If you were going to be cost your job, would you do whatever it took to succeed?

This article isn’t written to point fingers or blame the 5,300 that got fired, it is merely a review of how do you truly answer questions during the interview. 5,300 lied to the face of their employers when answering that question.
How do you know what you hear in an interview is the truth? Is it about answering the questions politically correct, or is it about being yourself and answering from the heart.

What do you look for as an employer?

Wells Fargo article:



This onion did more for me today than feed my hunger, it fed my soul.

At first glance, the onion is dirty. It is losing layers and doesn’t look very appealing. Upon pulling back the layers, pure onion begins to show on one side. On the other side, dirt clung to the inner layers of the onion.

Peeling one more layer, there was still dirt. I ended up having to cut a portion of the onion off.



This made me think of all the pain and hurt that is being said and shared in the world right now.

We all can shed some of the hate sent our way, but after a while, the words begin to sink deeper and deeper inside us, forever burrowing in the lines of time. Thus making it harder to rid of the negative talk. After a while, one can no longer brush it off. It has affects on people that no one ever truly knows. It begins to take a toll, someone begins to seek an outlet.

Take a moment, and think of what you have told people today, was any of it negative? Is someone shedding layers of hatred you spewed? Layers can only peel for so long.
Think before you speak.



                  “Be kind to one another,” Ellen.